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Iran/Shiraz/Shahrek Bezin/Afarinesh Boulevard/Corner of 29 Alavi Street

reception: +987136517561

tourism therapy: +987136517598

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لیست انواع عمل ها

Breast prosthesis
Mastopexy and prosthesis
forehead lift
Upper eyelid blepharoplasty
Four eyelid blepharoplasty
Local blepharoplasty
Abdominal and side back liposuction
Ominoplasty and side and back suction
Forehead lift and septorhinoplasty
Fico is a simple eye
Simple two-eyed Fico
Fico a hard eye
Fico two hard eyes
One eye local graft pterygium
Binocular local graft pterygium
DCR of one eye
DCR two eyes
Posterior colporrhaphy (A.P.R.)
Unilateral varicocele
Bilateral varicocele
One sided hernia without mesh
Bilateral hernia without mesh
کلینیک آفرینش - مرکز جراحی آفرینش
کلینیک آفرینش - مرکز جراحی آفرینش