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Iran/Shiraz/Shahrek Bezin/Afarinesh Boulevard/Corner of 29 Alavi Street

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کلینیک آفرینش - مرکز جراحی آفرینش
Advanced services

We care about your health

This center with approximately 10,000 square meters of infrastructure is the largest clinic and super-specialized surgery center west of Shiraz.

The purpose of setting up this center is to provide specialized and super-specialized services in a beautiful, quiet, clean environment away from city traffic.

This center includes surgery center, inpatient wards and four floors of specialized clinics.

With the launch of the imaging center of this center, which includes CT scan, MRI and ultrasound, other specialized imaging services will be provided to the respected clients.

This center will comprehensively cover all clinical services and outpatient and cosmetic surgeries and will be a reference center in the west of Shiraz.


Performing limited surgeries, including cosmetic ones

Providing physiotherapy services

Clinic services

Our features

Excellence is our specialty

With peace of mind, ask for the medical services you need from the specialist team

Modern equipment

We are not just an ordinary clinic but a medical service provider with whom you can share any

favorable price

We offer our services at a very reasonable price in addition to good quality

Professional doctors

In order to obtain operational and accurate results, our clinic contracted with it

Professional treatment team

We are not just an ordinary clinic, but we provide the best services by having a professional paramedical team

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کلینیک آفرینش - مرکز جراحی آفرینش
کلینیک آفرینش - مرکز جراحی آفرینش