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Iran/Shiraz/Shahrek Bezin/Afarinesh Boulevard/Corner of 29 Alavi Street

reception: +987136517561

tourism therapy: +987136517598

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کلینیک آفرینش - مرکز جراحی آفرینش
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Contact the desired unit as soon as possible using the following numbers.

Acceptance: +987136517561 Rapeutic tourism: +987136517598

Address 1: Shiraz, Dr. Hasabi Blvd., Shahrek Bezin, Afarinesh Blvd., at the corner of 29 Alavi Street, in front of the gas CNG pump. Address 2: Shiraz, Ayatollah Hossein Al-Hashemi Blvd.

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کلینیک آفرینش - مرکز جراحی آفرینش
کلینیک آفرینش - مرکز جراحی آفرینش