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کلینیک آفرینش - مرکز جراحی آفرینش

Shiraz and its historical places

Shiraz has various tourist attractions, one of which is the historical places of Shiraz city. shiraz It is a city that has a history full of ups and downs, and by visiting these historical places, you can get to know the authentic Iranian architecture and Iranian culture. Join us to introduce you to some of the best historical places in Shiraz. 

Quran Gate 

Koran Gate is one of the historical places of Shiraz, which you can see at the entrance of this city on the way from Isfahan to Shiraz. This historical building belongs to the time of Dilamian. On top of this gate, two volumes of handwritten Quran are kept in a room. This Quran belongs to Ibrahim Sultan, the son of Shah Rukh Timuri. This building underwent many changes throughout history, and the building you see now is the result of renovations.  

کلینیک آفرینش - مرکز جراحی آفرینش

Takht Jamshid (Perspolis)

Another historical place in Shiraz city is Persepolis. This historical monument was built in 518 by the order of Darius the Great. Persepolis is located on a land of 125 thousand square meters at the foot of Mount Rahmat and near Marvdasht. There are many palaces and stairs in this complex that you can visit. This building was set on fire by Alexander in 330 and was abandoned after that. Now this building is known as one of the oldest historical places in Shiraz. 

کلینیک آفرینش - مرکز جراحی آفرینش

Saadi's tomb 

Saadi is one of the precious Iranian poets and philosophers who belongs to the 7th century AH. Saadi is famous for his two books Bostan and Golestan. If you travel to Shiraz, be sure to visit Saadi's tomb. Next to the tomb of Saadi, poets with other names, including Shourieh Shirazi, are also buried. 

کلینیک آفرینش - مرکز جراحی آفرینش

Vakil mosque

Vakil Mosque is one of the oldest historical places in Shiraz, which belongs to the Zandiya period. This building was built in a completely artistic way during the time of Karim Khan Zand. Next to this mosque, there is a market with the same name called Vakil Bazaar. The beautiful architecture of the Vakil mosque and its marble pulpit are one of the most interesting parts of this mosque. 

کلینیک آفرینش - مرکز جراحی آفرینش

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کلینیک آفرینش - مرکز جراحی آفرینش
کلینیک آفرینش - مرکز جراحی آفرینش